iPhone Shopping Photos - Cute Stuff!

I'm so over the cold, I bought my yearly sale coat already and I'm ready to move on. There are so many cute things out there right now. These are just a few of my iPhone shopping shots from last week. American Eagle has a really cute version of the Birkenstock that just came out. I really like the cognac color. I also loved the super casual dress and bag from Anthropologie, looks like cool, comfy outfit I could wear just about anywhere. This white dress from TJ Maxx is so darn cute. It was only $24.99 and if I didn't already have so many white dresses I would have bought it. I still might, who knows! I also found these Patricia Nash leather bags at TJ Maxx. I think these are a great color for a spring/summer bag. Then at Nordstrom I saw the fringe Rebecca Minkoff bag. A very nice twist on one of her classics. I didn't really find very much at Forever 21 (which is a good thing at my age), but I did try this blue and white top on and loved it. I didn't buy it though and I am so proud! I think this blue tote from J Crew will be showing up on in a lot of blogger outfits. I don't know why, I just do. It's a pretty blue. And I know I am too old to wear this romper ($24.99) I saw I Nordstrom Rack, but I am hoping that someone out there sees this and buys it. I love the colors, and it would look so good on the right person. I have been so darn thrifty so far this year, it's so boring!

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