Flowers for Friday

I really love having fresh plants and flowers around the house. It cheers me up and helps to get me through the winter. I do not like to spend a fortune on my flowers though, and I usually just pick them up at the grocery store, Costco or Trader Joes. Living in the Chicago area, the pickens are pretty slim this time of year so it's hard to get creative. I forget which magazine it was, but they suggested branches and stems, like this golden rod. I picked up all of this golden rod for $9.99 at Costco and am very pleased with it so far. It's blooming a little more each day. The first two photos were actually taken last Friday, and the last photo today. I am getting a lot of mileage out of these stems! Does anyone (besides you LA Flower Mart people) have any tips for inexpensive floral arrangements? Please share!

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