Feeling Frumpy

Anthropologie Crowned Leaf Measuring Cups


Well after donating to a new health club for over a month now I am officially not only feeling frumpy, but also upset about wasting the money. I was doing so well this summer, but this cold weather has taken every last bit of motivation out of me. Before you know it, summer will be here, and I will want no part of putting on a bathing suit. So step one for me is to watch my diet. I will start using the "Fitness Pal" app on my phone. (I haven't jumped on the Fitbit bandwagon yet). The one thing I find alarming is how small an actual "serving size" is! What I decided to do was buy some fancy/decorative measuring cups to make my "tiny" servings look more appealing. I bought these at Anthropologie and I think they are the cat's meow! I will enjoy my tiny cup of almonds in the beautiful 1/4 cup container. I also posted a cute set a few days ago that I found at TJ Maxx (see below). Sometimes little things like a pretty workout outfit or these beautiful cups can make the whole bloody experience of watching your weight a little more enjoyable! Do you have any special tips for those of us who need a little jump start on getting fit before summer? If so, please do share!

TJ Maxx

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