Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Ahhhhhh, Valentine's Day. It's probably a great holiday if you are dating or a newlywed. But for singles and those of us who have been married for years, it's not actually a holiday that we are counting down the days for! Sorry to not sound very romantic but for me it's an excuse to buy or receive a cute gift. In the old days, I would buy one for myself! I have selected a few items that I thought would be fun to receive or give (not so sure about the rose thong:) but thought it was clever). Am I alone here or do you look forward to Valentine's Day?

From left to right (all available at Nordstrom):
Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Hey There Beautiful Pillow, Clarisonic Mia 3, Candy Hearts Pillow, Prada Candy Eau de Perfume Set, XOXO Light, LOVE Light, Coffee Mug, Tory Burch Watch, Hanky Panky Rose Thong

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