How Refresh Your Gold or Silver Costume Jewelry



If you have been following my blog you will recognize these necklaces. My favorite was the bird necklace I bought from J Crew. I actually didn't wear it any more because it looked so dingy. It wasn't that cheap so I was very disappointed that the finish wore off. I loved it to much to throw away, so I decided to try to restore it. The process was actually very easy and I love the result. I feel like going to the Goodwill to find more pieces to do!

Metallic Paint from Walmart ($4)

My make-shift spray box

I actually practiced on an old costume ring and glad I did because one can was silver and not gold!

It's actually better to spray them hanging, it drips a little.

I let them dry a little outside but because it's so cold (see below) -

I moved them in to my utility sink to dry.

Let them dry for about an hour and your good to go!

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