Beauty Product Purge: the Bathroom

One of my goals this year is to streamline the products I use on a daily basis. As a blogger, I do need to try new things to review, but things in my very small bathroom were getting out of hand. This is the third clean out this year. What you see above are some of the items that I don't ever use. I will donate, give away and toss them accordingly. Especially when it comes to skincare, I feel I have been a little too all over the map. I need to give the products I use a good 6 months to see if they are effective. If I vary the routine, how do I know what is working or not working?  So, don't expect too many skin care reviews from me in the next few months. I am sticking to my basics and will share the results. I was also a little out of control in the hair department as well. Too many products that I never use or that have a very small amount left in the bottle. Some of the near full bottles were too expensive to throw out so I will try to give to a friend or two. I have to tell you I feel better already. Take a look at my before and after photos below and which products I decided to keep. What do you think, is this out of hand, or can you top this? I would love to hear about your beauty product supply level!

Here is the before and after in my bathroom cabinet. The first shelf is face, second shelf is mostly hair, and the top shelf are some extras. I have lots of room now.

My hair drawer was such a mess, it continued down under the sink too (see below).

Here are the winners that I decided to keep:

These are the shampoo and conditioners (I probably won't use the cleansing oil - see below). I love the Moroccan Oil products, and was out of conditioner. Nobody near me sells it so I bought this cheaper item at TJ Maxx. I just used it and am not really thrilled. I will switch back to the real deal. I don't mind paying a little more, I only wash my hair once or twice a week so it lasts a long time. Then are my go to extras. I love the Rita Hazan root concealer in a pinch, the Moroccan Hair Oil or the Loreal version, and the Caviar flat iron protectant spray. I could stop here actually and throw everything else away. But the Scottish in me has me holding on to the items below even though I may not use them.

These were too expensive to throw out and I may use them again so they made the cut.

Recent purchases that I can't throw out yet but don't think I will be using very much. Next time they will be in the ditch pile. 

I use the two on the right occasionally. Not a huge fan of dry shampoo yet. I do like the Garnier spray on serum. It's makes my hair look more piecey when I use it. After taking this picture I tried to air dry with the Redken curvaceous, but it is so sticky it was added to the give away pile. 

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