Seeing Red

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With the holidays rapidly approaching have you thought about what you are going to wear to your holiday parties, church or for the family get together on Christmas? There is an on-line retailer (ASOS) which has a huge selection of very reasonably priced items. It can be very overwhelming as there are so many choices. When I get to a site like that I definitely use the sort functions to narrow things down. In this case I chose dresses and red, and then picked my favorites. Same with the shoes. What's nice about this retailer is they have a petite selection as well as a woman of curves section. So you don't have to be a size 4 to wear their clothing. Over half of these items are under $100. If red isn't your thing, maybe wear an outfit and accent with a red clutch or shoes. If that still doesn't work for you how about some red lips or nail polish to bump up your festive factor? How do you feel about wearing red?

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