Fashion Sole Mate Book Club: The Invention of Wings Discussion

December: The Woman I Wanted to be/ November: The Invention of Wings

I hope many of you have had a chance to read our November book choice. It's actually a pretty quick read and I sincerely hope you enjoyed it. I love reading inspirational stories with strong female characters. I read "The Secret Life of Bees" and "The Mermaid Chair"   also by Sue Monk Kidd and had a hunch this would be just as good. She did not disappoint. She really knows how to draw her reader in.  She drew Oprah in so well that she purchased the film rights to this book.  Although it is hard to have a discussion through a blog, I would just like to throw out a few thought provoking questions. Please feel free to comment to any, all or none of them. Or, simply let me know what you thought of the book.

1) I loved the female characters in this book, especially Charlotte, Handful's mother. What a strong and talented woman she was. I would have loved to see the story quilt she made as a diary of her life. It actually made me think I wanted to start quilting! Who was your favorite character?

2) Did you know of the Grimke sisters before reading this book or realize that the story was based upon actual events? I personally did not know this book was historical fiction until I read the author's notes at the end.

3) The following is a quote from the book:

"I cared too much for the opinion of others, she cared not a whit. I was cautious, she was brash. I was a thinker, she was a doer. I kindled fires, she spread them. And right then and ever after, I saw how cunning the fates had been. Nina was one wing, I was the other."

Angelina and Sarah were quite different, but were able to work together very effectively. Do you think Angelina would have been the strong woman that she had become without Sarah?

4) Did this book make you sad, or does it inspire you to find ways to improve your life as well as that of others? I thought that this story was very inspirational to women. It goes to show you that it is possible to make a difference if you stand up for what you believe in. Easier said than done sometimes, but has inspired me to try harder.

5) Although this story dates back to the 1800's, how do you think it's message relates to our current lives? Sisterhood is sisterhood. I loved how these women of such opposite beginnings found a common ground and supported each other. I am lucky to have a great group of friends and family that believe in women supporting other woman. I found that not always to be the case, especially in the workplace.

December's book will be "The Woman I Wanted To Be", by Diane von Furstenberg. I LOVED reading/listening to this book. I bought the audio book version which was nice because Diane narrates it herself.  If you are at a cross roads in your life, or if you could use a little kick in the rear, this is a great book choice for you. What an interesting life this woman has and has had!

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