Do I Return My Christmas Gift?

This is a dilemma I am sure everyone has dealt with before. Do I keep the unflattering or just "not me" gift I received, or do I wear it proudly so as to not hurt the gift giver's feelings? There is really no correct answer for this one. If you are well-off financially, it's a no brainer, you definitely keep the gift. Wear it or use it once, have someone take a picture and you are all set. If you never buy yourself anything or have hit hard times, I think it's fair game for you to return the gift and replace it with something that you need or want.  One tactic is to say you need a different size, and low and behold, they sold out of this gem so you needed to find a replacement. Sometimes honesty is just the best policy, buy try to really let the gift giver know how much you appreciate them taking the time out to actually pick out a gift instead of just handing over a gift card. I personally love when someone takes the time to do this. What's really hard for me personally is that I get things that were "not on sale" and if they were pricey it kills me. Because of what I do for a living I can usually buy things way below retail. The lethal combo for me is both not loving it and it being full price. Bottom line for me, this year I do not return (but may seceretly seek a price adjustment)!

How about you, are you a serial gift returner?

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