Monthly Bargain Beauty Products

     As I have mentioned before, I am a beauty product junkie. I am very equal opportunity when it comes to beauty products; I mix high and low. I like to shop at Nordstrom for most of my products because they are so amazing with the customer service and returns (lots of free samples too), and yes, I do even return things to Walgreens or Target. How do I know from looking at a tube if the lipstick will go on dark? Don't be afraid to return; they expect it. Once you hit the right shade or product, they know you will be a repeat customer. Most people don't return beauty products, but when you buy as often as I do, you don't feel too bad about it. Here is a short recap/review of my new finds:

1) Garnier Nourishing Cleansing Oil: I usually use my Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil, but it's expensive, and when I'm out I need to order it online. So, I sought out a less expensive alternative. So far, I can say that I really like this product. It has a very nice smell to it, which makes washing my face a little more enjoyable. I actually hate washing my face. I wish sleeping with makeup on was good for your skin.
This can be purchased at most retail merchants and is approximately $8.95. There is always a BOGO for 50% off, and coupons galore for this line. Which is why I also bought #2.

2) Garnier Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream: I have blogged about the sister product to this, which is the green moisturizing gel. This is a little thicker, and pink. It's very creamy and really soothing on the skin. I love this product! I will be buying this one from now on. This was priced at $8.95 before discount and coupons.

3) Maybelline New York 'The Nudes' Eyeshadow Palette: There are many expensive versions of this color palette around, but I wasn't tempted until I found this one. It was $9.95 before my $2 coupon. I'm not a huge eye shadow person, so I didn't want to spend a lot for a palette. These are very pretty. Some are matte and some have a sheen to them. It was well worth the money.

4) L.A. Colors Vitamin E & Aloe Vera Lipstick: Wow, I was amazed at how much I liked this lipstick. I saw this in a magazine and had to dig to find out where I could purchase it. Guess where? The Dollar Store! Yes, this amazing lip color was only $1. The formula is very creamy and it stays on really well. I might head back to the Dollar Store to try another color sometime soon.

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