Bargain Beauty Products for $1-$2

Beauty Products from Dollar Tree

Okay, I went back for more. I was so pleased with my Dollar Tree finds that I went back and spent a little more time analyzing their offerings. I loved the lipstick I bought last time which I forgot to mention the color of (it's a pink called Dream), so I wanted to try another color. I don't usually wear red, so I didn't want to invest very much in a red lip color. This red is called 'Hottie'  and is similar to Nars Heat Wave which is a Hollywood favorite. It's an orangey red that looks good on most.  I really wanted to find another L.A. Colors neutral, but couldn't land upon the right shade. I did find this Wet n Wild lip color in Think Pink, which is a creamy, matte, neutral pink. I really like this color and it does stay on nicely. It's still a pink, but not a real pinky pink. It was $2, still a great bargain.  I also wanted to try the mascara. What a great  deal this is at only $2. In my opinion it's very close to Loreal Voluminous Mascara and every bit as good as the department store brands. It's got a great brush on it which is half the battle. Finally, I picked up this large tub of nail polish remover which was only 1.95, much cheaper than I have seen elsewhere. I love it when I can spluge 'guilt free' on cosmetics. I hope you enjoy these bargains! 

Nail Polish Remover $1.95

L.A. Colors Vitamin & Aloe Vera Lipstick in Hottie $1

Wet n Wild Lipcolor in Think Pink $2

L.A. Colors Perfect Lash Mascara (Lengthening Formula) $2

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