Good, Better, Best: Leopard Ankle Boots

Madewell Ames Ankle Boots

I have been on the hunt for a pair of leopard ankle boots since I saw the "Ames" boot by Madewell pictured above. The price was $348, so I hesitated, hoping to pick them up when they had a friend & family sale. Not only did they not go on sale, they are totally sold out in most sizes. They looked sturdy and a little more practical than most I have seen. Since then, I have been looking for a replacement and here are my good, better, best choices.

Pair #1: GOOD

Zara Leopard Ankle Boots
I haven't tried these on but they are similar to the Madewell pair. The heel looks just about right and they are $159.99, which isn't too bad. Not sure if I like the leopard print on the heel though.

Pair #2) BETTER

Tory Burch Regina Leopard Calf Hair Booties
The quality is always very good with the Tory Burch shoes so I know that isn't a factor, but not sure if I want the gold heel. To me it seems a little more dressy. I do like the heel height though. They are $425, so I think at that price they are not perfect enough for me.

Pair #3) BEST

Rag & Bone Newbury Calf Hair Booties

Now this could be the Holy Grail of leopard booties. These are a pre-order from Nordstrom so they just came out and they were not around when I fell for the Madewell booties. I have these in another color and I know the quality is good. I will admit, they are comfortable, but not 'walk all day' comfortable, just for a few hours at a time. They are a little high for me so I don't wear the pair I have very often. But the styling is superb on these babies. They are super hip. These are at the top of the price range at $595. I hope to stalk this pair and hope that I can find them on sale. If money were no object this would be my choice hands down.

Which pair do you like? The Madewell would have been my first choice.

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