"Mise en Dior" Tribal Double Pearl Earrings: My Look for Less Version from Baublebar

I'm jumping on the bandwagon a little late for a blogger, but I am in love with these new earrings. The splurge version is the the Dior Mise En Dior Tribal Double Pearl Earrings. They come in different versions and are spotted on celebrities quite often. Not always easy to come by as they are not sold on-line, but through the boutiques. The starting price for the earrings is $410. If they were real pearls, I would consider it for a special occasion, but they are costume. I heard that Baublebar did a very similar version so I ordered a pair. The BB version are the Baublebar 360 Pearl Studs. I ordered the classic gold. They were $28, no tax or shipping. The packaging is so nice and the quality is too. I am so happy with them, I may even get another color (blush) in the near future. 

Link to Baublebar: Pearl 360 Studs

Link to Dior: Dior Tribal Double Pearl Earrings

(Celebrity photos copied from pinterest for reference)

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