Bargain Boho at TJ Maxx

Yesterday I ran in to TJ Maxx to exchange a rug. I was in a big hurry, but hadn't been there for awhile because of my home improvement projects so of course filled a cart with items and headed to the fitting room. About a half hour later I decided to share these top picks with you. My first instinct was the clearance rack, but it's really picked over right now. Most of the tops above are $9.99 to $29.99. All of these are much cuter in person, I took the pictures in the dressing room with my iPhone. The very first top is really pretty hip, it has black fringe down each sleeve, which is really in for fall. Bottom line, it's worth a trip to pick up a few fall colored lightweight tops. Remember the cute ones sell out quick. I bought three of the top four and the blue maxi dress. So for about $69 I got three tops and a dress. I like buying my trendier and patterned items on the cheap because I usually don't wear them often. Pair these with denim shorts now and distressed jeans in the fall. Add some brown sandals and you have a subtle bohemian style outfit. 

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