The Chanel Sale at Neiman Marcus

Today was the Chanel Sale Event at Neiman Marcus. This only happens twice a year and is quite a competitive sport. I used to go to it a few years ago, but too much insanity and lack of merchandise kept me away. I heard they changed the rules so I thought I would give it a try this year. First of all, I was informed the sale would start at 10 am, but you need to get there at 7 am to "get a number".  Since I was really just going for kicks, I didn't take it that seriously and got there about 7:30 am, which put me at number 25 in line. There was one young lady with her dad who got there at 3 am to insure that she would have first dibs. Wrists bands were then distributed to those in line around 8:30 am and we were told to come back and "line up" at about 9:30. Thank goodness I could now go get a much needed cup of coffee. I haven't waited in line like this since the Bruce Springsteen ticket sale back in the day!

There were some beautiful bags, but since each person could buy two bags and two accessories, the bags were gone before I got my turn. Oh, forgot to describe that. At 10 am were allowed to go in the Chanel Boutique in groups of 5 for 5 minutes. Then you were escorted out to go pay for your stash. The bags were probably 30% off, and probably not one of the bags that were on your wish list. The accessories included some jewelry, belts, gloves, hats and wallets.

My meager goal was to buy a piece of jewelry. Well mission accomplished. I was able to purchase a large cuff bracelet, and it was about 75% off retail. I also purchased a really cute  black bucket hat. It's still more than most people spend on a piece of costume jewelry or a hat, but after all of that work I put in this morning I wasn't going to go home empty handed. I also had a $100 reward gift card that I applied to my purchase so I felt even better about it.

My advice for Chanel lover's is to just save up and buy the piece you really want. Most of us go to these sales and in the heat of the moment, you end up spending money on something you never really wanted in the first place. If you are like me and just can't help yourself, I would advise bringing a friend for a couple of reasons. Your friend increases your buying power, you can now buy 4 bags and 4 accessories, and he or she can also talk you out of that faded pink Chanel bag that looks like a diaper bag that you are buying because it is the only bag left.

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