Sunday's Best: Hair Products

I can confidently say most women have a love/hate relationship with their hair. Most of us want we don't have. I am included in that group. I have semi- wavy, color-treated hair that I spend tons of money on to get smooth and straight. I wish I had all of the money I have spent on my hair in a savings account, I would be able to have a vacation home in the south of France. Needless to say, I am a hair product junkie. I do splurge on having my hair done at a salon, but try my best to find less expensive ways to maintain it between visits. I want to share with you four of my top favorite hair products:

This product has been written up in all of the magazines as a top product and was also referred to me by my friend Nancy, a die-hard product guru as well. It's a great alternative to the salon keratin treatments. If I take my time and follow the directions, this will help me achieve a smooth and straight style. 

My hair color doesn't always make it until the next appointment. In a panic I have grabbed this product to get me through to the next appointment. You only need to leave this product on ten minutes and then shampoo and dry. This has helped me to extend my color for up to three weeks. I usually get it for $4.99 - $6.99. I have thick hair so sometimes I combine two boxes. I have also combined for the color, a 7 and an 8.

This product is a rock star! I have tried so many products to do a quick root touch up and this is the ONLY one that works and is easy to use. You just spray it and it covers. Available at Sephora. It's $25 but so worth it.

All of the celebs use the Kerastase line. The Oleo Relax Smoothing Mask sells for approximately $54. This product from L'oreal will do the same thing for much less. It's the Oleo-Therapy Deep Recovery Mask and is only about $7.99. This is a top choice for dry, thick, wavy or course hair that you need to smooth. It's actually a mask but I use it as an everyday conditioner. It's also sulfate free, so if you have a keratin treatment it's safe to use. 

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