Contemplating a Lob

need to pull the plug and finally get this cut!
The Lob (long bob)

Of all the lob haircuts out there I think this one on Ashley Olsen is the absolute best. She looks amazing in this cut and color. I have been contemplating the lob myself lately. But unlike most of these women I pinned onto my Pinterest board, I have wavy, poufy hair that will take a lot of work to look good. The girl in the profile shot below (who is she anyway, her haircut sure is making it on to a lot of Pinterest boards?) is my second runner up. It's cool and casual. As my friend pointed out to me though, it may take a lot of work to achieve that no fuss look with my hair type. Also, I think the key to this cut is that your bangs are long. If not, it could end up looking like your typical mom cut. All in all it's a very wearable, versatile style that works for a woman of any age. As for me, still contemplating..........

Gweneth Paltrow
Lovely Lob  Ciara, your new cut is TDF. And your color is awesome, too. Basically you're our new hair crush.  We especially love the way this singer's lob is styled here, making it look like the front is longer than the rest of her strands.
blunt lob...can't wait until my hair is long enough to make it all one length
This cut is what I picture as the perfect cutScreen Shot 2014-02-13 at 8.51.00 PM2014 medium hairstyles for women over 40

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