The Look for Less: Accessories

Are you dying to update your look but are not willing to shell out $300 for a pair of designer sunglasses? If brand is not a requirement for you, then please keep reading. If you are a brand snob, then maybe I can convert you. When it comes to buying trendy pieces, I don't believe in breaking the bank. It's funny, when I'm wearing a cute cheapie and get a compliment, I always have to reply with "got it for $20 bucks at the Rack".  I can't just say thank you. It's what I do and who I am. The items shown range in price from $5 to $50. At least that is what I paid. The jewelry is from Forever 21, Nordstrom Rack and Banana Republic. The sunglasses are from Forever 21 and Banana Republic. The Banana republic items were purchased with the recent "Friends & Family" discount of 50%. Little did I know that day that the salesperson would slip me a coupon. Good shopping Karma! These cheapie accessories aren't made to last forever. If you get a season or two out of them, it's still money well spent. The sunglasses from Forever 21 are for fashion only and not the best quality, but look really cute on. They had them in many colors.  However, the sunglasses from Banana Republic are very high quality and will last as long as you need them to. Quite often I buy men's or unisex sunglasses, I like the way they look better than women's depending upon the style. I absolutely love the Johnny sunglasses from Banana Republic that I bought (shown below), especially since I got them for $49 with the discount. The quality is comparable to Ray-Ban and they have the design of a luxury designer pair. Happy Shopping!

Cool Girl Round Sunglasses/Forever 21 $5.80
Cool Girl Cuff $12.80, Foxy Faux Leather Cuff $8.80/Forever 21 
Jaguar bracelet $12/Banana Republic

Touch of Glam Friendship Bracelet $7.80, Earrings $5.80/Forever 21
Johnny Sunglasses $98/Banana Republic, Posh Daisy Chain Bracelet $8.80, Darling Daisy Necklace $5.80, Gold Chain Earrings $5.80/Forever 21

"love" necklace $9.97 Nordstrom Rack

 Johnny (men's) Sunglasses $98/Banana Republic

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