Book Club

Our neighborhood has two book clubs, there is an organized, well attended one and a fly by the seat of your pants, maybe read the book one. Well guess which one I belong to? The fly by the seat of your pants one of course. The "other" book club picks their books a year in advance, and the hostess serves a lunch. These ladies would rather die before showing up without having read the book. Our book club on the other hand is very low key. We may know our book choice sometimes only one month in advance and most of the hostesses prefer to just meet at Panera Bread. (TIP:  I often choose the CD version and listen to it in my car since I am constantly driving from mall to mall.) This month it was my turn to host. I'm a little old school in the fact that I do prefer to host the book at my home. In the past I have gone all out and prepared a luncheon but have been disappointed with just a few women showing up. Did I give up? No I did not. This time I decided to try a casual morning coffee book club. The only homemade thing I prepared were the blueberry muffins. I did pull out the china from my wedding which hasn't been used for about 15 years. The book was just ok. It had been suggested to me by a lady at Barnes and Noble. Most of us just print off questions off the Internet and we discuss the book for 20 minutes or so. The best part of the book club is the catching up. We don't care if you read the book in our book club, it's just an nice excuse to put on some lip gloss, buy some flowers and get together with friends. Which type of book club would you choose?

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