Peter Pilotto Collection for Target

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I am not usually one to run out for the Target collaborations, but I decided to see what all the hype was about. February 9th, I got up and ordered a few things online, just in case my store didn't have anything. Later that morning, I went to my local Target. As I suspected, not much there. I was able to find a couple of pieces though. The collection is quite clever. Many of the pieces mix and match together nicely.  The pieces I purchased ranged from $19.99 - $34.99, and of course I used my Target debit card for the extra 5% off. My only issue with purchasing the collaborations from Target is the fear of seeing myself coming and going when I wear them. I will most likely try to pair the items with another piece from my closet. The most versatile piece in the collection is the black and white faux wrap skirt shown below. I can see pairing this with a crisp white blouse or a bright pink or turquoise top for the summer. For the patterned dresses I would throw on a jean jacket or cardigan and add some black ankle boots. Most of the cute items have sold out, but there are still quite a few items available on I would imagine if you wait a week or so and many items will be returned and available again. Hoarders like myself try to snatch up the good stuff and then later decide that too much of a good thing is too much......

Peter Pilotto® for Target® Tank -Green Netting Print
Peter Pilotto® for Target® Skirt -Black/White Print
Peter Pilotto® for Target® Longsleeve Shirt -Green Floral Print
Peter Pilotto® for Target® Collection 16
Peter Pilotto® for Target® Dress -Green Floral Print
Peter Pilotto® for Target® Crisscross Dress -Purple Floral Print

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